Emerging professional member of the: Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario, Interior Designers of Canada and  Canada Green Building Council


There's so much more to interior design then aesthetically beautiful interiors. 

Hi, I'm Priscille, an interior designer from Montreal, Quebec currently residing in the National Capital of Canada. Throughout the years studying interior design, the one the things that captivated me about this industry, is sustainability. One may think of sustainability as recycling, waste reducing, carbon footprints, or even LEED but I see sustainability a way of life. Green design has substantial benefits on our physical and psychological health. Thus, my purpose is to design sustainable interiors that promote wellness and enhances one's well-being.  Whether it's a livable or a public space, I'm focused on creating an environment that rejuvenates, refresh, renew and revive. I'm determined to go beyond just the aesthetics and deliver an interior that will deliver endless benefits. 


I first attended the Dawson CTD Program in 2009 where my journey as an Interior Decorator started. After exploring the aesthetics aspect of home decor, I decided to venture off into the design field of interior design instead of decorating. In 2013, I graduated from the Interior Design Institute Of Canada with theory base knowledge and obtained my first Diploma in Interior Design. In 2016, I graduated with a DEC (Quebec College Diploma) in Interior Design from the three-year technical program at Dawson College. 

I am now prusuing higher education and currently working to obtain my BA in Interior Design. 

On another note, I absolutely love what I do. I am dedicated and inspired to express my love for design.

Von Busch said it well! He stated, “It’s time to set aside the superficial benefits of design and embrace a culture where design’s true worth is measured by the problems it solves…and the lives and activities it enhances.” (Busch, 2008). It's much more rewarding designing with purpose and that's exactly what I was born to do.