The journey actually started in January 2015 when my teacher started to talk to us about our 3rd year, 1st semester community design project. My vision for that year was to clearly use my skills and knowledge in interior design to help and serve the community. This vision appeared in my mind to create a community centre/home for young girls/women who have been victims of human trafficking, suffered conjugal violence, have unplanned pregnancies, and has been isolated.

I started with lots of research and case studies of existing women shelters. Once I started to understand the basic services currently provided, I was inspired to push toward the design and concept of a home instead of a centre. There are prominent studies showing that the design of an interior space has the ability to affect one’s sociological and emotional health (both positively and negatively). Therefore, I knew that I couldn’t take this project lightly. I had to go in depth with my research and functional programming. Fortunately the end result was a success. However, part of me felt void after the completion of this project. I told myself, this can’t be it. It’s a strong vision that I dream to see come to life.

Fast forward 2018, I met this amazing and passionate young lady, Jessica. The first time we actually had a conversation, we randomly talked about our hearts toward bringing awareness and fighting to end human trafficking. Random eh? Not so much, I truly believe that the Heavenly guy had a plan for all of this. At the end of our conversation, she shared about an non-profit organization called the Daughter Project Canada. And that’s when it all started!




I’ve been privilege to see my 2015 vision come to life through the Daughter Project Canada. I came on board this amazing team and help prepare a design package to transform this small, old victorian home into a refuge for young girls who are hurting and trapped in the sex industry.

Before are some before photos of the home. The first photo is of the basement, second is one of the bedrooms, and the third is one of the bathrooms.

These are the design concepts for the basement, bedroom and bathroom.

I’ve been posting a lot of content up on Instagram so make sure you’re following me there! Also, stay tune for all progress. The home is currently under reno and things are coming together beautifully.