Another Tuesday, another post!

Here’s the TOP news!!! Our apartment got featured in the Montreal Gazette! How exciting is that?

As a recent interior design graduate and newlywed, it was finally the perfect timing for a new season. Honestly, I now genuinely understand how God’s timing is the perfect timing. (*faith talk moment*) 

So, the apartment hunt started several weeks before the weeding this past July. After searching in different neighbourhoods around Montreal, my husband found the perfect hidden gem within the downtown region. It’s a quite neighbourhood with corporate individuals and families. After signing our lease, we took proper measurements of the apartment and started space planning. Although I’m the designer, most of the brilliant ideas did come from my husband :) 

Here’s the process we went throw before we even moved in. This helped us in advance in what we needed to get for our apartment (in terms of furniture), where it needs to go (placement), and how to arrange it. 

Below is the first layout.

We than shifted geared and decided since we had a small space, the two armchair wasn't the best way to go as we wanted something "joined" such as a loveseat. Our concept and inspiration developed from there so we made it visual into mood board.

I'm absolutely in love with this lime green loveseat! We also decided to go with a white theme as this was a small space, we wanted to give it a "fresh" and "open" feel. (Yes! White does give such effects if used properly!)

Overall, layouts have stayed from the beginning, it’s mostly the option in furniture that has changed. 

*The choice of the loveseat shifted as we realized we needed something “different”. We’re a couple who loves to host and have our friends and love ones over, so incase there’s a sleep over party, we decided that a day bed would be our best bet, as it can be pulled out to serve as a double bed.*

Another thing that changed was, the size of bookcase and the bed base option. During the final stage of finding inspirations for our home, we were ready to take on a DIY project and design our own palette bed base. Plans always changes, so we eventually went with a contemporary look and got a leather bed frame. 

With a slight adjustment, this became the final results:

Click here to see the full apartment tour and interview!

Thank you Marie-Lyne for this amazing opportunity and beautiful photoshoot! Head to her website to see more interior tours. {Marie-Lyne Quirion - Interior Photographer}

I have to say, the third best thing after the wedding day, is living in this home with my amazing husband! (I'll let you wonder what the two first things are)

There you have it, our first apartment tour. Small, simple but yet "cozy", just how we love it!