There are only days left until Christmas.....Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? If not, are you having the tree debate yet? Is it going to be a real coniferous tree this year or an artificial one?

Alright! Let me help you out! I will give you the pros and cons of real and artificial trees and at the end, you will be able to make a sound decision. 


3 main things people debate on before purchasing their tree are cost, environmental causes/sustainability, and convenience.

Let's begin with the real talk of real trees! When it comes to real coniferous trees, here are the CONS:

  1. Make a mess (falling pins)
  2. Require care
  3. Special transport method for a reasonable size tree
  4. May be costly on the long run. 


  1. They are aesthetically beautiful
  2. Have an amazing fresh foresty smell
  3. Better for the environement as they can be recycled to produce furniture, gardening, playground materials, hiking trails, and many more objects that we use in our daily life.

 Also keep in mind that here in North America, coniferous trees are replanted for environmental sustainability and regrowth. Additionally, your christmas tree has most likely been harvest from a "tree farm".


Now, let me share a little about our favorite artificial trees. Most believe that they are more convenient (don't need to buy one each year), we just need to store it back in the box and take it back out every year, the environmental side of artificial trees may be more dangerous than we think.

Eighty-five percent of artificial Christmas trees are manufactured in China which are made with polyvinyl chloride (a petroleum-derived plastic). These trees aren't recyclable and cause great measure of pollution because they are very hard to decompose which means that they can lay in the landfill for many decades and still stay the same. Another issue is the polyvinyl chloride needles on the artificial trees that are being fabricated with lead (dangerous element to the health).


Hubby and I are celebrating our second Christmas with a real tree and regardless of the mess, it's so the pros definitely outweigh the cons for us. If you never had a real tree, I would highly recommend the experience. I don't think you'll regret it!