Vida Nueva Birthing Clinic is dedicated to providing a nature-like environment for new parents as they embrace a new chapter in their lives. The clinic will prepare both couples and single mothers for the birthing and post-partum process through various services such as naturopathy, massage therapy, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, yoga therapy, and nutritional coaching. Vida Nueva is dedicated to helping support build and maintain physical, emotional and mental health.


The Vida Nueva Birthing & Wellness Clinic is a contemporary clinic whose motto is to encourage natural births. Purity and serenity are evoked through a soothing and tranquil atmosphere. To stimulate a sense of balance from compelling and overwhelming emotions, a double story interior garden has been designed to bring nature’s healing remedy in the interior space.

If you're new to my blog or dropping by to see the latest post, well here it is! As promise from my last post, this is a post of the complete package of my third year interior design project.

The entire clinic occupies three floors with a total area of approx. 17000 sq.ft. It is located in a commercial building found in the heart of Westmount, Quebec. The private lobby is on the ground floor, which you can see in the perspective below. As you take the elevator, it will bring you to the reception on the forth floor.

The fourth floor contains all the amenities such as classrooms, conference room, fitness room, semi-private lounge, catering kitchen, dining area, and the double-story interior garden shown below.  

The interior garden has incorporated the CoeLux solar panel, which mimics natural daylight. This allows the space to be penetrated with maximum natural daylight. 

On the fifth and sixth floor, you will find all the birthing suites. Below is the deluxe suite with private living area, double-sided fire place and dimmable illuminated floor-to-ceiling lighting.

The fifth and the six floor also contains a snack bar in lounging area. This snack bar promotes healthy treats with six different infused water dispenser that have frosted illuminated base and top.

It's incredible how long it takes to envision, space plan, design, and produce a unique space which is conveyed in a few images and are viewed for a few seconds... but I hope you all see beyond the images and see the purpose and vision for this project! It is greater than any words or images!

Thanks for dropping by! Don't forget to comment below and let me know if you would personally love to experience or witness birth at Vida Nueva...