Want to become a creative but wondering what type of jobs are there for interior designers?

When I first started design school I didn’t know all the career possibilities and wondered if I can I make a living being an interior designer? Now that I’m in the industry, I can see that there are so many opportunities within the trade.

An interior designer can work in the various sectors: 

  • Residential Design

  • Commercial Design (retail, restaurant, spas, private clinics)

  • Hospitality (hotels, resorts) 

  • Office Design 

  • Institutional Design (healthcare and education)

  • Transportation (aircrafts, cruise, etc) 

  • Government (parliaments, government offices, embassies, etc)

  • You can also work at showrooms and furniture dealers. 

See! The options are endless! Interior Design is an amazing career and there are a lot of opportunities. You just have to be willing to go for it to earn it!

Wondering what type of education is needed to become an interior designer? See my previous blog post for my design school journey.