Photography by  Sherina Shantelle

Photography by Sherina Shantelle

Emerging professional member of the: Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario and  Canada Green Building Council


"There's so much more to interior design then aesthetically beautiful interiors."

Priscille is PASSIONATE and READY to transform your space into an oasis.

She is originally from Montreal, Quebec and now residing in the National Capital of Canada, Ottawa.


Throughout the years studying interior design, one things that intrigued me about this industry, is sustainability. You may relate sustainability to recycling, waste reduction, carbon footprints, and even LEED but I see sustainability as a way of life. "Green design" has substantial benefits on our physical and psychological health.

Therefore, my PURPOSE is to design sustainable interiors that enhances overall health and well-being.  Whether it's livable or a public interior, I'm focused on creating an environment that rejuvenates, refresh, renew and revive. I'm determined to go beyond just the aesthetics and deliver an interior that is functional, comfortable, promotes healing & wellness and enhances your overall health. 


My educational journey began in 2013 when I took a HUGE leap of faith and left my career in finances to pursue interior design. Regarless of my background in finances and sciences, I decided to take a chance and step into the creative field of interior design. Fast forward three years, I graduate with a DEC (Quebec College Diploma) in Interior Design from the three-year technical program at Dawson College. 

Since life is full of surprises, I ended up moving to Ottawa, Ontario. From then I took a decision to pursue higher education and complete a bachelor degree in interior design from a CIDA (Council for Interior Design Accreditation) accredited school.

I can say that I absolutely love this profession. The journey hasn't been easy BUT It has been worth it.

Von Busch sums it up very well! He stated, “It’s time to set aside the superficial benefits of design and embrace a culture where design’s true worth is measured by the problems it solves…and the lives and activities it enhances.” (Busch, 2008).